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Solar Panel & Battery Installation Specialists in Bingham

DCR offer the very best quality in domestic and Solar PV design, installation and aftercare in Bingham. We care about every single job we do and make sure that our solar customers have a system that is best suited for their property.​

Approved MCS and NICEIC installers, DCR offer advice, design, installation and aftercare for Solar PV in Bingham. We have over 20's year experience designing and installing the very best Solar PV systems built to perform.

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What are the Benefits of Solar Panels & Batteries in Bingham?

Produce your own electricity with ease

Lower your electricity costs effectively

Minimize your carbon emissions

Earn money by exporting your excess electricity

Future-proof your home against energy price increases

Heat your hot water and save on your gas and oil consumption

Improve the efficiency and EPC rating of your home or business

Optimise energy usage: store excess electricity in a battery for on-demand needs

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DCR Electrical SMA Solar
DCR Electrical LG-Solar
DCR Electrical SolarEdge

Kind words from happy solar clients in & around Bingham

DCR made possible what other companies said could not be done

DCR Electrical made possible what other companies fitting solar panels said could not be done on our house.

Good quality work and friendly team.

John Barber

Why choose DCR for the very best household solar panels installation & maintenance in Bingham?

We are a local, established electrical and mechanical business that have been operating since 2007.
At DCR we put our hearts and souls into what we do, we care about every customer and every installation.


At DCR We have been installing domestic solar panel systems and renewable energy products for 15 years. We have lots of experience fitting Solar PV systems and have refined our products and installation methods over the years.

DCR Stability

We are a financially stable business and can offer our Experian credit report to prove this along with our quote. This is very important when choosing a Solar PV company. You may need to call on your system warranties in the future and it is essential that the installation company are still trading and can honour your warranty.

DCR Staff (No Sub-Contactors)

Our staff work directly for us and we do not use sub contractors other than specialist contractors like scaffolders. We have a very low turnover of staff which means our engineers have been able to understand exactly what is required by DCR and what is required by the client. We believe our standard of workmanship is far greater than any other business.

No Salesmen

All our staff are electricians and electrical engineers. We look at every job individually and work out what is best for you the client.

Care and Attention

At DCR we care about you and your system.
We pride ourselves on giving you the very best experience and the very best system possible. To date we have 100% customer satisfaction on Solar PV installations. The reason for this is that our service is exceptional and we make sure you are happy with your system. We will walk you through the process once we are finished to talk you through what has been done and to make sure that you are happy with everything that we have delivered.

DCR Products

At DCR we care about you and your system.Over many years we have witnessed and understood the various pit falls in the renewable energy industry. One of the biggest is the poor quality products that are being sold. We always choose manufacturers and products that are tried and tested. We prefer to install more expensive, higher quality products so that your system will out- perform that of a cheaper system and with far less problems, hence saving you money over the course of its lifetime.

DCR Aftercare

Our aftercare is second to none. We have experienced engineers readily available to help in the future should you have any system issues or should you just need any general assistance with your Solar PV system.

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